31 January 2020

Bethany EFC Precautionary Measures on WUHAN Coronavirus

Dear Bethanians,

In view of the fast developing situation where seven cases (as of 28 Jan20) of the new coronavirus originating from Wuhan have been confirmed in Singapore; and also as the infected persons had been in contact with other people after arrival, Bethany EFC will be initiating some precautionary measures with immediate effect, as follows:

(1) Avoid shaking hands. Just smile at and greet one another. As this is Chinese New Year period, let's give a traditional greeting to one another with two hands rather than shaking hands.

(2) If anyone feels unwell, he/she should seek medical attention promptly and stay at home. If you start feeling unwell while at our worship hall or in church premises, including respiratory symptoms such as a cough or shortness of breath or running nose, please obtain a mask from the church office and wear it immediately. Masks are generally not needed unless you have respiratory symptom as stated in the above.

(3) Observe good personal hygiene practices. Do wash your hands frequently with soap and make use of the hand sanitizers which are available at the entrance to the sanctuary. Cover your mouth with a tissue paper when coughing or sneezing.

(4) If you return from China on or after 15 January 2020, take 14 days Leave of Absence counting from the first day after your return. Also avoid trips to mainland China in the meantime until further notice.

(5) Refrain from forwarding unverified reports/messages of people being suspected of having the virus or locations where infected persons were found. Stay updated at www.moh.gov.sg or subscribe to official government WhatsApp’s account: gov.sg

(6) Finally, pray and trust God that the above are understandable, reasonable and responsible. We will keep monitoring the situation and update you. Let us pray earnestly for all people in all places at all times (Ephesians 6:18) as we look to God to deliver us yet give us courage to preach the gospel of true hope in Jesus. Pray especially for the people of Wuhan, Hubei and China. May God be merciful to bring about his salvation purposes for this great nation China.

In addition, BethanyEFC will track advisories, guidelines and information particularly those provided by MOH and MFA, and send reminders or adjust preventive measures as appropriate. In this way we hope to respond an informed, considered and timely way without causing unnecessary/unwarranted alarm or panic to the staff and congregation.

We seek your co-operation and support. Keep safe and healthy!

Bethany Evangelical Free Church