08 February 2020

Bethany EFC’s Response to Code Orange on 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

Dear Bethanians,

In view of Coronavirus outbreak and that Singapore government had raised Dorscon level to Code Orange on 7 February 2020, Bethany EFC is taking additional precautionary measures on top of the statement of measures issued on 31 January 2020. The following are the additional measures:

(1) All adults, children and guests must go through temperature screening before entering the worship hall or the rooms in the church. Ushers who are standing at the entrance of the hall will use infrared thermometers (see below) to perform the temperature screening. A coloured sticker will be issued to those who had been screened. Please wear this coloured sticker as confirmation that you have been screened. If you have a temperature of 38 C and above, you must go home and seek medical attention immediately.

(2) Ushers will record names of guests and telephone numbers for contact tracing.

(3) Parents with children are to sit in the “cry room” next the sanctuary. The TV will be switched on so that you could join in the worship and hear the message.

(4) Those who sit in the main worship hall need to space themselves out.

(5) During fellowship time and for those who are serving food, use the hand sanitizer that will be placed at the entrance of worship hall.

(6) Help to keep the premises clean (especially toilet, kitchen, rooms, tables and chairs) and observe good personal hygiene.

(7) Summary of statement of measures issued on 31 January 2020 (with minor updates)

· Avoid shaking hands. Just smile at and greet one another. You can give a traditional greeting to one another with two hands rather than shaking hands.

· Take your temperature before coming to church. If your temperature is >=38 degrees, please seek medical attention promptly and stay at home. If you start feeling unwell while at our worship hall or in church premises, including respiratory symptoms such as cough/ shortness of breath/ running nose/ sneezing, please obtain a mask from the church office and wear it immediately. Masks are generally not needed unless you have respiratory symptoms as outlined above.

· Observe good personal hygiene practices. Do wash your hands frequently with soap and make use of the hand sanitizers which are available at the entrance to the sanctuary. Cover your mouth with a tissue paper when coughing or sneezing. Clean up if you have dirtied the church premises. Although the church will step up cleaning efforts, we need everyone’s help to keep the church clean and safe for our collective use.

· If you return from China on or after 15 January 2020, take 14 days Leave of Absence counting from the first day after your return.

· If you are planning to travel, check the MOH website (www.moh.gov.sg) for the latest update so that you can make a considered decision on whether to proceed with travel plans. Based on the latest advisory, you should defer all travel to Hubei province and non-essential travel to Mainland China.

· Refrain from forwarding unverified reports/messages of people being suspected of having the virus or locations where infected persons were found. Stay updated at www.moh.gov.sg or subscribe to official government WhatsApp’s account: go.gov.sg

(8) Pray and trust God for His protection and provision. In addition, BethanyEFC will continue to track advisories, guidelines and information particularly those provided by MOH and MFA, and send reminders or adjust further the preventive measures as appropriate to the level of alert from our government. Be watchful, be alert and stay safe

We seek your co-operation and support. Keep us safe and healthy! PRAY and PRAY!

Bethany Evangelical Free Church


鉴于冠状病毒的爆发以及新加坡政府已于2020年2月7日将其危险性级别提高到橙色, 除《 2020年1月31日发布的措施声明》外,伯大尼播道会还采取了其他预防措施。以下是其他措施:

(1) 所有成人,儿童和访客在进入礼拜堂或教堂房间之前都必须量温度。站在大厅入口处的招待员将使用红外线温度计进行温度筛选。 一个彩色的贴纸将被发给那些被筛选的人。请戴上这个彩色贴纸,以确认您已被筛查。如果您的温度在38摄氏度或以上,则必须回家并立即寻求医疗救助。



(4) 坐在礼拜堂的信徒保持距离。




· 避免握手。只是微笑着互相打招呼。可以彼此拱手问候但不是彼此握手。

· 上教堂前先测量体温。如果温度>=38度,请立即就医,并留在家中。 如果您在教堂礼拜堂或教堂内开始感觉不适,包括咳嗽/呼吸急促/流鼻涕/打喷嚏等呼吸道症状,请从教堂办公室购买口罩并立即戴上。 除非您有上述呼吸道症状,否则通常不需要口罩。

· 遵守良好的个人卫生习惯。要经常用肥皂洗手,并使用避难所入口处的洗手液。咳嗽或打喷嚏时,用薄纸遮住嘴。 如果您弄脏了教堂,请清理。尽管教堂将加强清洁工作,但我们需要所有人的帮助,以保持教堂的清洁和安全,以供我们集体使用。

· 如果您是在2020年1月15日或之后从中国返回,请从离开后的第一天起计算14天的隔离

· 如果您打算旅行,请访问MOH网站(www.moh.gov.sg)以获得最新更新,以便您可以考虑是否进行旅行计划。 根据最新的通报,您应该将不必要的旅行推迟,特别是到中国大陆。

· 避免转发未经证实的报告/消息,怀疑涉嫌感染病毒的人或发现感染者的位置。 请访问www.moh.gov.sg保持最新状态, 或订阅政府官方的WhatsApp帐户:go.gov.sg

(8) 请大家以祷告来寻求上帝的保护和供应。此外,伯大尼播道会将继续跟踪咨询,指南和信息,特别是卫生部和外交部提供的信息, 指导,并根据我们政府的警报水平,进一步发出提醒或进一步调整预防措施。保持警惕,保持警惕并保持安全