16 February 2020

Further Precautionary Measures against COVID-19

1. Our vision: glorify God as a Holy, Loving and United church. The unprecedented uncertainty and the latest development on 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) gives us, Bethany, an opportunity to live out our vision and show our dependence on God, which is one of 6 core values.

2. The board made several important/critical/difficult decisions to protect, preserve, keep the church safe and ensure business continuity plan (BCP). By the grace of God, His guidance and discernment we took the following actions:

· 31 January 20: issued statement on initial precautionary measures – good practical hygiene practices (wash hands regularly with soap), don’t shake hands, when wear mask, seek medical attention when unwell and personal responsibility to observe Leave of Absence.

· Singapore government raised Dorscon level to Code Orange on 7 February 2020. Bethany EFC took additional precautionary measures on 8th February on top of the statement of measures issued on 31 January 2020 – this includes temperature screening, registration of guests with phone # for contact tracing, sit loosely, parent n children in cry room (reduce mingling), cleanliness on distribution of refreshment.

· This week the board took further measures in view of latest development- disinfect all chairs and tables, simulation and trial run of zoom video conferencing (board split into 2 teams for contingency) and live streaming for BCP, 10 pm synchronised prayer for God’s protection, discontinued small group meeting to reduce frequency of contact, simple refreshment (biscuit and drinks) to reduce issue on hygiene and review members address and contacts for contact tracing when needed. The latest members’ data was dated 2012 and there is an urgent need for update.

· MOH press release dated 14 Feb 20 – kindly refer to MOH website at www.moh.gov.sg

· NCCS letter to churches dated 14 Feb 20 – see below

3. Today we implement the following:

· Members to update your contact details – please approach the church administrator Louis, or Eng Chow, or Mavis

· YouTube Live Streaming – the worship service will made available virtually via YouTube live streaming service so that you may continue to join us from the convenience of your own home. Kindly drop an email to the church administrator Louis to request for the email link.

· Space out sitting arrangement to spillover room and improve air ventilation – to open sliding doors of cry room and overflow room.

· Reduce mingling and large group meetings where practicable. This includes temporary suspension of cell group meetings until further instruction by your group leaders.

4. We need volunteers to serve in technical area and temperature screening.

5. All AV personnel and person-in-charge of worship please see me after service for 10 mins only

Finally, we care for people in church and in the community- 5th AIM. Now more so ever, we must learn to find our hope and peace in Christ. Let us continue to love as Jesus commands us to, especially in this time of uncertainty- Matt 22:37-39

Bethany Evangelical Free Church