21 March 2020

Closure of Bethany EFC Sunday Service on 22 and 29 March 2020

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Bethany Evangelical Free Church

A meeting was held with the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) church leaders on Thursday, 19 March 2020.

Many churches in support of our good government’s call for safe distancing measures to prevent further spread of Covid-19 cases decided to close services for at least 2 weeks starting tomorrow as a show of our care for our community and support for our good government. These churches include the Anglican, the Methodist, the Catholic, Bartley Christian church, Adam Road Presbyterian Church and Covenant EFC.

The board met on the night of Friday 20 March 2020 and decided to close our services for the next 2 weeks i.e. 22 and 29 March 2020. When the physical church cannot congregate, the spiritual church must elevate and continue to worship and hear the Word of God. Our vision is to glorify God as a holy, loving and united church. We will go live streaming on our worship and sermon on 22 and 29 March 2020. We thank our faithful God for His provision as we have tested successfully for the last 5 weeks.

The core team of Bernard, worship team, AV and live streaming team (mainly Penith and Eng Chow) will be in church to facilitate live streaming.

Please note the following order of worship:

· 8:50am: Penith will enable live streaming and Eng Chow will enable the link to church members and regular guests n visitors (contact list). Church members should go on live streaming before 9am

· 9:00-9:10am: Pre-Worship prayer- Bernard kick start the prayer and church members pray on their own for 8 mins thereafter Bernard or Eng Chow close in prayer

· 9:10am: Worship starts- 3 songs. PowerPoint slides will be shown to facilitate our worship- camera point to the slides

· 9:25am: Bernard makes announcements and remind members to give offerings through bank transfer

· 9:30am: Scripture reading by worship leader

· 9:35am: Sermon

· 10:10am: Sermon ends, follow by Benediction and closing prayer

· All in all 70 minutes (shortened service)

1. In addition the following decisions were made:

· Leaders meeting 25 March still on but observe 1 metre distancing- meeting in the sanctuary

· March prayer meeting is scheduled on 3 April

· Flower arrangement stops for 2 weeks

· Louis our church admin to send this soft copy of this notice as well as “Focus” to church members today

· Louis to help Eng Chow link to members for live streaming through “contacts by bloc” to enable quick link to members for live streaming

Finally, please pray for the church and the leaders.

Thank you.

Yours in Christ's Service
Bernard Yeo, Chairman