26 March 2020

Closure of Bethany EFC Services till 30 April 2020

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Bethany Evangelical Free Church,

Our good government has, on 24 Mar 2020 evening, raised the level of COVID-19 precautionary measures to contain the spread of the virus within the community. One such measure entailed the suspension of faith-based activities, mainly religious services and mass congregations, until end Apr 2020. Places of worship (e.g. temples, mosques, and churches) may remain open for private worship and essential rites, subject to group sizes of 10 persons or fewer at any one time.

In line with the government’s tightened measures, Bethany Sunday worship services will remain suspended until end Apr 2020. Though we cannot congregate physically, we will continue to elevate God spiritually. God’s works for us continue because we serve an unstoppable God. God has given us technology which we can optimise and use it for His glory.

As God’s church, this is what we will continue to do:

1. Conduct livestreaming of our church’s online worship service. We will also experiment conducting corporate church prayer meetings, church leaders meetings, cell group meetings, board prayer meetings, board meetings etc using Zoom or other technologies.

2. Show our commitment to support our church, with our tithes and offerings, through electronic fund transfers such as PayNow, PayLah etc.

3. Invest in our own personal quiet time with God.

4. Pray for the leaders, church members, the sick and the COVID-19 situation.

5. Check on one another and help those in need.

6. Enable church admin support, with Work-From-Home (WFH) scheduled arrangements

7. Ensure church maintenance, with a strong focus on hygiene and cleanliness.

Sunday Service livestreaming on YouTube

The Sunday Service core team of 6 will continue to be in church on Sundays. The team comprises the guest speaker, Bernard, worship leader, worship pianist, livestreaming facilitator (Penith) and an AV person (where needed).

Please note the following order for Sunday Service:

8:50 am

Penith will enable livestreaming. We encourage members to subscribe to Bethany Evangelical Free Church on YouTube channel.

Louis, our church administrator, will send members an email giving detailed instructions on how to do so.

9-9:10 am

Pre-Worship prayer: Bernard will kick-start pre-worship prayer. Members will pray on their own for 8 mins thereafter. Bernard will close in prayer.

9:10 am

Worship will start, with 3 songs. PowerPoint slides will be shown to facilitate our worship. The camera will point to the slides.

Please join us in worship as if you are physically present in church.

To adopt the correct posture in the presence of our Holy and Righteous God, do ensure you are in a proper setting, dedicate time for worship and put aside distractions. This is an online corporate worship.

9:25 am

Bernard will make the church announcements.

9:30-9:35 am

We will set aside time for members to make their offerings and tithes, through electronic fund transfers. We will post the church bank account in the church Focus and also on the powerpoint slide.

We plan to do QR for PayNow and PayLah in Apr 2020.


Scripture reading by worship leader




End of sermon, followed by Benediction and Closing Prayer.

All-in-all 80 minutes (shortened service)

Zoom Applications for Virtual Conferencing

Louis will provide online training with detailed instructions and screenshots through our church website under the “Training” section (a new section for church training).

Thank you.

Yours in Christ's Service
Bernard Yeo, Chairman



我们的政府已于2020年3月24日晚上提高了新冠型病毒的预防措施水平,以控制该病毒在社区内的传播。 其中一项措施是暂停所有宗教活动活,主要针对主日崇拜的大型聚会,直到2020年4月底。 礼拜场所(例如寺庙,回教堂和教堂)可能会开放供礼拜私人和必要的礼仪,任何一次聚会人数不得超过10人。

为了配合政府的紧缩措施,伯大尼播道会的主日崇拜将暂停,直到2020年4月结束。尽管我们不能在一起聚会, 我们将继续在保持与神的亲密关系。上帝的工作会继续,因为我们侍奉的神是超越任何限制的。 上帝给了我们科技,我们可以对其进行优化并将其用于他的荣耀。


1.我们教会将进行现场直播我们的崇拜聚会。我们还将尝试使用Zoom或其他科技进行教堂集体的祈祷会议, 教堂领袖会议,小组会议,长执会祈祷会议,长执会议等。





6.通过 “在家上班” (WFH)计划的安排启用教会管理员支持。



Yours in Christ's Service
Bernard Yeo, Chairman