04 April 2020

Complete Closure of Bethany EFC Services till 4 May 2020

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Bethany Evangelical Free Church,

Our good government on 3 April 2020 announced stricter measures to act as a “circuit breaker” to stop the rising infection of COVID-19. Following this announcement MCCY issued specific instructions to religious organisations on elevated safe distancing measures from 7 April - 4 May 2020. In order to comply and adhere to the strict measures we have taken the following steps:

1. The church will be completely closed during the period 6 April-4 May 2020.

2. All church staff (pastors and church administrator) are to work from home.

3. Church phone will be redirected to Louis or Chairman.

4. No live streaming of worship on Sunday is allowed. Pre-recorded worship will be loaded on YouTube and members could join the worship at 9am. The link will be provided ahead of time.

5. In accordance to the new rule pre-recorded worship cannot be done in church and in another person’s home. So we need to improvise a new method.

6. Live streaming of sermon is permitted and the sermon should be short, preferably 30 mins. Only a small core team for live streaming is allowed in church.

7. Core essential team comprises: the chairman, the speaker and 2 live streaming personnel consisting of Penith/Issac and other. Total present should be not more than 4.

8. All other events such as EAT, corporate prayer and Holy Communion on first week of May should be done through Zoom. Chairman can be the host as his Zoom app is a subscriber base with the privilege of 24 hours uninterrupted connection.

9. Note that gatherings are limited to a maximum of 10 people.

Finally, please pray for God’s mercy to bring COVID-19 under control and improvement of the present situation so that the restrictions could be lifted quickly and that we can congregate physically in church again for worship and fellowship. Pray also for church leaders’ wisdom to lead the church in such a difficult and unprecedented situation.

Thank you.

Yours in Christ's Service
Bernard Yeo, Chairman