Urgent Update – 31 Jul 2021

Dear Members and Friends of Bethany EFC,

We wish to inform you that one of our members has tested positive with COVID-19 on 31 Jul 2021. Our member tested on positive while serving the Quarantine Order because of exposure to a confirmed case at the workplace. Our member was last in church on 25 July 2021 and we would like to assure you that our member is currently well and has completed the full vaccination regimen.

In order to provide a safe environment for all, the CROP team has recommended that Sunday service will be streamed completely online on 1 Aug and 8 Aug 2021. There will be no physical on-site service except for the core team of worship and AV crew who will be on-site to manage the broadcast. You may tune in to our online livestream via our YouTube page.

Thus far, we have not received any notifications nor advisory to isolate and cancel services from the government. However, we are proactively taking safety precautions and the CROP team has proposed and the Board has approved for us to pivot online for 1 & 8 August.

Please keep our Bethany EFC family in prayer and do not cause unnecessary alarm by speculating or reading misinformation. In the meantime, do keep yourselves healthy and abide by the safe management measures when you go out of your homes. We continue to encourage everyone who is eligible, in particular the elderly, who are most at risk of developing serious symptoms to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

We understand that we may feel anxious or disappointed but do remember that we stand together and trust in God’s greater purposes.

Our pastors and leaders are just a call, text or email away should you want to talk to someone.

God is sovereign and merciful. In Him, we trust. Stay safe.

Thank you,